Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you plan ahead and provide long-term financial security for your family when they would need it most. You can’t put a dollar amount on your loved ones, but a term life insurance policy can help ensure their future is protected. We can help you determine how much coverage you need and how long it’s needed based on your specific lifestyle.

We’ve prepared a checklist of what you need to know before starting your quote:

  • Amount of outstanding debt left on things such as mortgage, loans, etc.
  • Specific information regarding medical conditions
  • Income level and occupation
  • General medical information such as height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels

There are different kinds of policies, each meeting different needs.

Term Life typically covers:
  • a specific period of time
  • Could help replace income
  • May cover some other expenses
  • May be eligible for a No-Med Exam policy

You may be eligible for a No-Med Exam policy. Instead of a medical exam, this option asks a number of detailed health, financial, and hobby questions.

Whole or Universal Life typically cover:
  • Coverage for your lifetime, as long as policy terms are met
  • Help with income replacement
  • Providing supplemental income
  • Assisting with estate planning
  • May offer aside cash fund that can build over time
Please note that Universal Life premiums can fluctuate.
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